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Isn’t that just the Berry’s – Hyatt hyping weight loss

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; the list of “gotta be on” Social Media outlets marches on. The good news; these allow you to project your brand and your message cheaply, efficiently and effectively. The bad news? If you’re not careful, all that … Continue reading

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Would a twitter by any other name tweet as sweet?

What do the following have in common? They are all typos for popular websites; in this case Twitter and YouTube. These are special because they are fraudulent sites … Continue reading

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Ever see strange web addresses like or on Twitter? These are links generated by a URL shortening service which provide a type of   “URL shorthand” for length-limited communications. They essentially redirect the shorthand version to the desired … Continue reading

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Have they no shame? No, it’s all about the money.

Elizabeth Taylor’s death is already being used in social engineering scams on Twitter and should be hitting the web today. Early ploys offer alleged links for her movies which lead to different on-click fraud campaigns. You are tricked into clicking … Continue reading

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Missing Tweets?

There’s a large scale spam campaign afoot trying to steer you to an on-line pharmacy web site.  The email looks like it’s coming from Twitter and claims you have from 1 to 3 unread tweets with a link provided for … Continue reading

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