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Pinterest = PinToScam?

As one of today’s fastest growing social media sites, Pinterest is generating a lot of interest. Because of all this interest it’s also getting some undesirable attention from cyber scammers. Its “click the picture” nature makes it easy to visit … Continue reading

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Join my LinkedIn Network = Join my Evil Botnet Empire?

That “Invitation Reminder” in your InBox from LinkedIn may be neither. Although it looks to be a legitimate message from LinkedIn telling you of a pending message from a colleague it maybe a phishing expedition. Cyber-criminals are busy spewing out … Continue reading

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Would a twitter by any other name tweet as sweet?

What do the following have in common? They are all typos for popular websites; in this case Twitter and YouTube. These are special because they are fraudulent sites … Continue reading

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Sure I remember you…. don’t I?

We’ve all had it happen, right? You’re asked to accept an invitation from LinkedIn or some other social networking site and their name doesn’t ring a bell. You think maybe their name’s changed through marriage or “Is that Joe, the … Continue reading

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Blocked Credit Card Ploy

There are a number of emails going out notifying people their credit cards are being blocked. The problem with these emails? They are not from the credit card companies but from enterprising criminals trying to get the unsuspecting to open … Continue reading

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Ever see strange web addresses like or on Twitter? These are links generated by a URL shortening service which provide a type of   “URL shorthand” for length-limited communications. They essentially redirect the shorthand version to the desired … Continue reading

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Danger: False Drive Failure

In addition to being scared into downloading fake AV software, the unaware are now being pressured into purchasing fake disk maintenance software for $79.50. Malware is loaded on your computer, typically from a poisoned web site, which begins to display … Continue reading

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