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Isn’t that just the Berry’s – Hyatt hyping weight loss

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; the list of “gotta be on” Social Media outlets marches on. The good news; these allow you to project your brand and your message cheaply, efficiently and effectively. The bad news? If you’re not careful, all that … Continue reading

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How safe is your Remote Desktop?

Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a tool that lets users remotely access a PC or server. RDP is frequently used by off-site users and IT support organizations to remotely manage servers Yesterday Microsoft released a security patch to … Continue reading

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To the Bitter End

You are responsible for all sensitive data to the very end of its life. It may seem like the job of protecting the information ends when you retire the equipment or take the tape out of service but it does … Continue reading

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It’s 11pm. Do you know where your data is?

Co-operative Life Planning (CLP) found to their horror the personal details of 82,000 of their customers had been made available online. The source of the breech? Computer contractors hired to repair a file containing customer information. The contractors copied the … Continue reading

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