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An ounce of prevention – 1.3 actually

What do the following have in common? Data relating to approximately 600 maternity patients and names and dates of birth of 30 children on an unencrypted memory stick lost. Missing memory stick from a nursery contained 80 childrens’ contact details … Continue reading

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Pinterest = PinToScam?

As one of today’s fastest growing social media sites, Pinterest is generating a lot of interest. Because of all this interest it’s also getting some undesirable attention from cyber scammers. Its “click the picture” nature makes it easy to visit … Continue reading

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X Factor Loses Info on 250k Applicants

Fox Broadcasting states “computer hackers illegally accessed information “ about people wanting to audition for X Factor. The show accepts applicants as young as 12. The info accessed consisted of: name, email address, zip code, phone number (optional), date of … Continue reading

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Sony PlayStation = Identity Theft?

If you have a Sony PlayStation in the house you may be one of the 77 Million who have lost some Personal and Private information. This week, Sony announced the following PlayStation Network user account information was compromised in connection … Continue reading

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Is Your Child having an Identity Crisis?

We mean an identity crisis such as their identity being stolen and used for fraudulent purposes. Data just released by Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab suggests identity theft among children may be more prevalent than previously thought. Why child ID’s? Unused Social … Continue reading

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