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Security Security

You’re returning from a business trip abroad and when coming through customs here in the States someone from Homeland Security says, “I’d like to look through your computer to see if you have information about terrorists, drug smugglers, and other … Continue reading

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I’m recommending WHAT through LinkedIn!

If you’re a LinkedIn user you may be recommending some interesting products or services, without your knowledge of course. On June 16th LinkedIn added the following to their Privacy Policy. “In order to deliver relevant and valuable ads to you … Continue reading

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How Safe is DropBox

Well, if you believe the info in a complaint filed last week with the FTC, not as safe as once communicated. While it seems clear DropBox does use the AES-256 standard for encryption which is good, the storage of the … Continue reading

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Sony PlayStation = Identity Theft?

If you have a Sony PlayStation in the house you may be one of the 77 Million who have lost some Personal and Private information. This week, Sony announced the following PlayStation Network user account information was compromised in connection … Continue reading

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How sophisticated is sophisticated?

Lancaster County School District has unfortunately been the victim of a computer intrusion which may involve the loss of personal and private information of over 25,000 students and employees. Here’s a snippet of what’s been sent to the possible victims: … Continue reading

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Skype on Android Leaking Data

Seems Skype running on Android is playing a little fast and loose with some of your information. Things like: account balance, your full name, date of birth, address, phone numbers and e-mail address. discovered, “Skype mistakenly left these files … Continue reading

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How free is free?

Free is good, right? Well, it’s good as long as you know what free costs. Or, more likely in our digital world, how much of your privacy you’re paying for free. Some interesting information about the mobile version of the … Continue reading

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