We are Computer Security strategists with broad experience in helping Small Businesses, Independent Financial and Professional Service Offices deal with their data and information security needs.

We’ll help you measure your current security posture and threat readiness. We’ll give you a road map to guide you in closing any gaps or weaknesses in your security program. We’ll monitor your progress and ongoing state of readiness. These steps will allow you to rest comfortably knowing you are utilizing security best practices and exercising the appropriate level of diligence and due care in protecting the information entrusted to you by your clients.
Security Snapshot strategies include a mix of: Operating system and key application patch management, DNS based content filtering, firewall monitoring and more.

We’re based in Des Moines, IA but service clients all over the country. To learn more about how we can help you with your client data protection strategy, visit: http://www.securitysnapshot.com today.

The need to protect your computers, your data and your clients personal information isn’t going away. Leave these protections out of your office’s technology plan and you may be the next headline.

Contact us at 515-954-7774.


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