Join my LinkedIn Network = Join my Evil Botnet Empire?

That “Invitation Reminder” in your InBox from LinkedIn may be neither. Although it looks to be a legitimate message from LinkedIn telling you of a pending message from a colleague it maybe a phishing expedition.

Cyber-criminals are busy spewing out phony emails trying to entice you into clinking on a link that leads to malware. This malware attempts to take advantage of system vulnerabilities in order to take over your computer. Typically these vulnerabilities are weaknesses that have been known for a while and which have fixes or patches available to eliminate the exposure. The bad guys are counting on you not keeping your system up-to-date thereby giving them an easy way to infect your computer.

What to do about this? First, if you receive an email regarding a LinkedIn connection or action, DON’T click on the link supplied in the email. Go to your browser, log into your LinkedIn account and deal with it there. Second, make sure to apply all security patches and updates to your computer as soon as possible. No need to make it easy for the cyber-criminal to have his way with your computer.



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Security Snapshot LLC is a computer and information security company helping concerned business owners protect their reputation and their client's private and personal information.
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