pcAnywhere = dataEverywhere?

Security software giant Symantec admits source code for several of their security offerings as well as pcAnywhere were stolen from their network in 2006. Symantec initially claimed the loss was through a 3rd party.

This is now coming to light because Saturday a hacker going by “Yama Tough” threatened to release the source code for Norton Antivirus. On Monday he also threatened to release the source code for pcAnywhere, Symantec’s remote access application.

Should we be concerned six year old source code may be soon floating around the internet? Here’s what Symantec says; pcAnywhere customers may face “a slightly increased security risk” as a result of the exposure. And that, “Symantec is currently in the process of reaching out to our pcAnywhere customers to make them aware of the situation and to provide remediation steps to maintain the protection of their devices and information.”

Our suggestion? “A slightly increased security risk” is too much of a risk.

Sources: http://www.csoonline.com/article/698195/symantec-backtracks-admits-own-network-hacked?source=rss_data_protection and http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/17/us-symantec-hackers-idUSTRE80G1DX20120117


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