Is Your AV Software Being Held Hostage?

At times, we all feel we are being held hostage by our AV software as it slows our system down by updating a signature file or running an intensive scan. This interference can usually be fixed by scheduling the software to work when you are not using your computer like in the wee hours of the morning. Be sure your AV software is working all day, every day by scanning all incoming files in real-time, updating its signature file every night and then running a complete disk scan. The disk scan is important for it allows you to catch malware your AV software only became aware of recently.

However, sometimes the absence of something is even more telling than its presence. One of the first things a lot of malware does is disable either your AV software all together or its ability to download new signature files. This strategy helps the malware remain undetected and gives the evil doer more time to exploit your computer.

AV software not functioning as it should or as it has in the past is a good indicator something is wrong. Be sure to check the status of your AV software on a frequent basis to make sure it’s not bound and gagged in the basement.


About securitysnapshot

Security Snapshot LLC is a computer and information security company helping concerned business owners protect their reputation and their client's private and personal information.
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