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Ever see strange web addresses like or on Twitter? These are links generated by a URL shortening service which provide a type of   “URL shorthand” for length-limited communications. They essentially redirect the shorthand version to the desired … Continue reading

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Not Such a Helping Hand

An analysis of 420,000 computers by security company Qualys uncovers many users are being unknowingly exposed to potential malware attack by not keeping browser helper apps up-to-date. The leader of the pack is Java which was on 80% of the … Continue reading

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Is Your AV Software Being Held Hostage?

At times, we all feel we are being held hostage by our AV software as it slows our system down by updating a signature file or running an intensive scan. This interference can usually be fixed by scheduling the software … Continue reading

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How Safe is DropBox

Well, if you believe the info in a complaint filed last week with the FTC, not as safe as once communicated. While it seems clear DropBox does use the AES-256 standard for encryption which is good, the storage of the … Continue reading

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Danger: False Drive Failure

In addition to being scared into downloading fake AV software, the unaware are now being pressured into purchasing fake disk maintenance software for $79.50. Malware is loaded on your computer, typically from a poisoned web site, which begins to display … Continue reading

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Death by Typo

When you visit a web site you goto frequently and it reacts differently, it may be a typo that’s sending you into to dangerous waters. Typosquatting is a popular method of trying to dupe the unaware. The scammers set up … Continue reading

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Crafty Criminals Carding at Michaels?

The week does not start well when banking and law enforcement officials tell you they’ve traced fraudulent credit/debit card activity to a number of your Point of Sale (POS) keypads. Several Michaels Craft stores in the Chicago area were originally … Continue reading

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