How free is free?

Free is good, right? Well, it’s good as long as you know what free costs. Or, more likely in our digital world, how much of your privacy you’re paying for free.

Some interesting information about the mobile version of the music service Pandora came out this week. Turns out, they’ve been sending a large amount of information about you to several advertisers. Some of the information being sent is your: Birthday, Gender, Zip Code, Current location – seeming updated constantly and the Brand / Model of your phone.

All great information if you are an advertiser looking to drive a targeted and relevant message. No so great if you prefer to be a little more anonymous. What do we expect for free? According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s what Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are trying to determine, “Are Pandora and a large number of other apps transmitting personal information without your permission?”



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