I’m from the Government and I’m here to help

It’s tax time and we all know what that means; tax scamming emails are on the loose.  This year’s crop is simultaneously going high and low tech.   It starts with a phishing email allegedly from irsonline.gov with an attached pdf.     The hook in the email is, “This is in reference to your 2010 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return we seem to have some discrepancies with your filing.”

The interesting and low tech thing is the call to action, “…please print out the attached PDF form, fill it and fax it to the IRS data center on (866) 513-**** within 24 hours.”

The form contains all the private info the IRS uses to identify tax payers.   Looks like those falling for this may have a stranger doing a return for them this year.   Won’t that be fun to sort out;  a fraudulent tax return and a refund that ended up in the bad guy’s coffers.



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