Sticky ATM Situation

Sticky ATM Situation – A new ATM scam is making the rounds. Would-be felons are using glue to stick-down the Enter, Cancel and Clear buttons on the ATM’s key pad. Their hope is the user will panic and go into the affiliated establishment for help or to report the problem. Once abandoned, the perpetrator will either complete the transaction by using the touchscreen or apply a solvent to “un-stick” the keys. Here are several steps you can take if you find yourself “glued” to an ATM.

1.) Check to make sure the Enter key works before using your card

2.) Complete the transaction with the touchscreen if possible

3.) Do nothing and wait for the transaction to time out

4.) Call the affiliated organization from your cell phone

5.) Ask someone else to go for help

You are grabbing the card-reader and giving a good tug, right?


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