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If it moves, encrypt it

You’d think after dumping 205 million gallons of crude in the Gulf a company like BP would be a cautious lot. Let’s hope their drilling practices have become much safer than their computer security practices. BP disclosed this week an … Continue reading

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Your software lagniappe

Have you been doing a good job keeping your software applications updated with the most recent patches?  Have you noticed your computer running more slowly and something from McAfee keeps pestering with licensing terms? Congratulations, when you last updated Java … Continue reading

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I’m from the Government and I’m here to help

It’s tax time and we all know what that means; tax scamming emails are on the loose.  This year’s crop is simultaneously going high and low tech.   It starts with a phishing email allegedly from with an attached … Continue reading

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Have they no shame? No, it’s all about the money.

Elizabeth Taylor’s death is already being used in social engineering scams on Twitter and should be hitting the web today. Early ploys offer alleged links for her movies which lead to different on-click fraud campaigns. You are tricked into clicking … Continue reading

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Now where did those drives go?

A “best practice” is to encrypt any data that’s in motion or can be placed in motion. The reason seems obvious, if the device “goes missing” there’s no risk of data being accessed inappropriately. Portable Computers and Portable Storage Devices … Continue reading

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Adobe Updates are Here

Adobe patches are available to fix vulnerabilities discovered last week. These weaknesses are in both Adobe’s Flash Player and Reader / Acrobat offerings. Here’s what’s needed: – For Flash: Go to this site in your browser. and get the update. … Continue reading

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Know yourself, know your enemy

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu Know the Enemy – We have some interesting statistics from a recent large scale malware attack launched predominately from … Continue reading

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